A Knowledge of Golfing Etiquette Helps.
1. DO NOT talk, gesticulate or move while another player is making a stroke.
2. DO NOT stand too close to a player or directly behind their ball, anywhere on the course.
3. BE READY to play when it is your turn, by walking quickly to your ball and thinking about your shot in advance.
4. DO NOT play until those playing in front are out of range. Conversely DO NOT think you are about to play a career shot either – thus delaying general play.
5. SLOW PLAY – It is the duty of every golfer to keep up with the game in front and NOT just ahead of the game behind. If your group falls more than one complete hole behind the group in front, or have lost a ball (and not played a provisional), YOU MUST call the group behind you through, if they are playing the same hole.
6. PROVISIONAL BALL – If you feel after playing, that your ball may be lost, be sure to play a “provisional”. It costs little time, has no effect on scoring (if you find your original), and speeds up the game. NOTE: Always remember to declare the second ball as a provisional until it becomes the ball in play.
7. PUTTING GREEN – Leave this quickly as soon as the hole is completed. Always place your buggy, trolley or bag at the edge of the green nearest to the next tee.
8. SCORE CARDS – Do not mark these on the green,. Wait until you will cause no delay (i.e., at the next tee, etc.). When your round is complete remember to check your card with the marker and sign it before handing it in. If in competition on a NGS day, please return card quickly to confirm your score.
9. In Stableford and Bogey competitions pick up your ball if you can no longer score on that hole.