1. LOCAL RULES – As well as playing to the rules of golf, be familiar with any local rules appertaining to that course, i.e. Out of bounds, GUR, staked trees, etc, etc.
2. BUNKERS – Rake the sand after playing your shot. Collect a rake before you play, and leave it in the bunker afterwards.
3. REPAIR all pitch marks on the green, not only your own – a repaired impression mends instantly. REPAIR spike marks or scuffs when you have putted (remember you cannot repair spike marks to improve your line before you putt). REPAIR and replace divots on the fairway. DO NOT replace divots on the tees, but fill up divot with sand or seeded soil if available.
4. SHOUT “FORE” – when you hit an off line shot, to warn other players on the course but this may not absolve you from *liability*. * PUBLIC LIABILITY * These days your home insurance policy may not adeqately protect you particularly your liability to property and others including fellow golfers on the course. Check your home policy and if in any doubt take out specialist golfer’s insurance.
5. BE POLITE. Curb bad language (although sometimes frustrating). DO NOT throw clubs around just because YOU have hit a bad shot, or missed the 3″ putt!! – REMEMBER when playing in NGS fixtures you are representing the society as well.
6. In the main we are the visitors of the venue, remembering the above statements, you can enjoy yourself – and in turn your consideration will help others enjoy it to. Remember the BED rules and you won’t go far wrong. * Basic rules of golf * Etiquette * Dress code on course and in the clubhouse.

The committee hope that the above points are accepted as guidance and are used by members not only on NGS golf days, but every time you play.
P.S. For even more golf enjoyment, please read your Handbook!