1. The club will be called “NAPTON GOLF SOCIETY” (NGS) and will be based at the GREEN MAN, LONG ITCHINGTON. All financial correspondence for the society is to be forwarded to:- The NGS Treasurer, Greystones, Long Itchington, Warks CV47 9PL.
2. The aim of the society is to enable members to play golf at different venues during the year.
3. Membership is divided into the following groups: Full Members (Gents) Full Members (Ladies) Junior Members Junior Members must be over 12 years old and under 18 years on the date of application to join, or renew subscription to, the NGS. Juniors must be proposed or seconded by a Full Member and they will pay full joining fee but only half the annual subscription. Juniors’ guests must be approved by the Committee before the outing to which they are being invited. To attain full or Junior membership an annual subscription must be paid. Any one guest may at the invitation of a member attend up to two NGS outings per calendar year, plus any competition which is specifically for ‘Member and Guest’. If such guests wish to attend additional outings, they must apply for full or Junior membership (see rule 5). Although guests will not be required to pay an annual fee, they will be required to pay the same amount which members pay for any event. Guests have no NGS voting rights and may not enter any NGS competitions unless specifically for ‘Member and Guest’.
4. Subscriptions are to be fully paid up before the Society`s first day out. Subscription rates shall be decided by a majority vote at the AGM.
5. No one shall become a full or junior member without being proposed and seconded by existing full members. Applications must be put forward to any member of the committee for approval by the committee. Successful applicants will be required to pay a joining fee plus a first year’s subscription. Should it be deemed necessary by the committee to restrict membership, applicants will, if approved, be placed on a waiting list, which will be reviewed periodically.
6. In the event a fixture is oversubscribed priority will be given first to members, then to those on the waiting list, and finally to other guests.
6a. If a member or guest cancels attendance after the Friday before normal monthly outings, or fails to turn up or arrives too late on the day, that member shall be liable for the full rate for that outing including for the guest if the venue charges for the absentee. Any extenuating circumstances will be taken into account by the Committee before passing any charge on to the member. For the Annual Outing members and guests must be fully paid up at least one month before the event, and recompense for late cancellations will be at the discretion of the venue.
7.If a new member does not have an official golf club or approved society handicap he/she will be required to submit, for handicap assessment, three recent score cards signed by a NGS member, after which time they will be eligible to enter the Society’s competitions. Handicaps will be adjusted in accordance with the Society’s handicap assessment system. All members who have an official golf club handicap are required to keep the Handicap Secretary informed of any changes in their club handicap. Members are required to play off the lower of their Society and Club handicaps.
8. Society officials will be a) Secretary, b) Treasurer, c) Competition Secretary, d) Handicap Secretary, e) Captain, and f) Vice-Captain. The Committee shall consist of the officials plus the Retiring Captain. Each official, with the exception of e) (elected by the committee) and f) (chosen by e), will be elected to the committee at the AGM for a one year term. Any full member can stand for election to the N.G.S. committee. Existing committee members may stand for re-election.
9. All members on Society days out MUST conform to the Rules and Etiquette of golf, and any local ruling applying at the time when visiting golf courses. (See appropriate sections of this Handbook).
10. The annual general meeting when held. Members will be given one months notice, together with an advanced copy of the accounts and any voting motions to be considered. The committee can call an extraordinary general meeting at one week’s notice.
11. Any changes in the Society`s rules can be added at the AGM, providing all the members are notified of the intention to do so at the same time they are informed of the meeting.
12. A resolution to dissolve the Society can be proposed for consideration at the AGM or EGM. On dissolution of the Society any surplus funds are to be distributed equally between all fully paid up members of the Society, after all debts have been settled by the treasurer.
13. All MONTHLY committee meetings will be held at The Green Man, Long Itchington or the Jolly Abbot, Rugby.

14. All COMP CUPS AND TROPHIES remain the property of the NGS.
Any member winning a Cup or Trophy MUST return them undamaged and clean before the Presentation Evening. It is solely that member’s responsibility to ensure this is done. The committee will give a reminder for the date of return.