It’s always worrying when you turn out for a golf day and you know with 100% certainty that rain is on the way! So, we were glad to be teeing off slightly early in an attempt to get as many dry holes as possible. I was also glad to find that I was in the 2nd group. It was the NGS pairs competition and I was teamed up as usual with Doss. We were playing with Lee and Martin, who seemed to be really taking it seriously by wearing team colours of Yellow and Grey. The round didn’t start well for me, as I couldn’t get my car alarm to stop sounding! At least it provided comedy value for the onlookers. I eventually stopped it and got on with the round. The first couple of holes at Ullesthorpe have been re-built this year to accommodate a new housing development. Although we couldn’t play the new greens, they look fantastic additions to the course. We managed to get a relatively dry round in, until the last couple of holes. However, all the groups behind us got a drenching (snigger…sorry – Ed) . We watched from the club bar as the other four balls finished their rounds. Congratulations to Tony and Roly who came first with 41 points.