Another beautiful sunny day for the 3rd NGS outing of the year to Silverstone. It was a shame that the course was very wet, leading to a ban on motorised trollies. I was hoping that this would “even the playing field” and bring some of the recent high flyers down to my level! The day started off well, with Doss needing to borrow a pair of shoes from Roly. As play progressed, the muddy conditions caused a few problems. I hear that Danny managed to actually hit a shot that ended up going behind him. I managed to win my singles match against Martin and then promptly fell apart.  I just managed to stop Steve from teeing off 180 degrees in the wrong direction on the Par 3 17th! No-one else had noticed and it was very tempting to let him play! The day’s honours belonged to Andrew J who came in with 36 points, beating Christian into 2nd with 35 points. Congratulations Andrew!