With the unpredictable weather over the last few weeks, it wasn’t looking good for the NGS Captain’s Charity Day. However, we seemed to book the only dry and sunny day in the week. There was a good turnout for the event that runs 3 different competitions at the same time. Pairs, Four-Ball and Yellow Ball. The resultant score card is rather complicated, but after playing for a number of years now I only got one competition score wrong this time! The yellow ball competition involves taking it in turns to play with the yellow golf ball. The competition stops for you when an unfortunate member of your four ball loses the ball. This year it was hole 7 for us (River Avon), Last year it was the bushes on the first , so that’s an improvement. The scores in the pairs were very close, with the top placings all finishing with 39 points. Congratulations to Andrew Judd & Steve Barrett , who managed to see off Tim Satinet/Dave Reeve who have won for the last two years.