I could tell you about the good turnout, the good state of the course, the good weather, but they have all been overshadowed by one Mr Doss Beck.

Lee had asked us all to get to Overstone promptly. They were being kind enough to let us increase our original booking from 21 to an impressive 30, but it was going to be a squeeze. Most people had arrived and were enjoying their bacon butties, when I got a phone call from Doss. “Where are we playing golf today?” he asked. “Overstone” I replied, to which I followed up with the obvious question, “Where are you?”…”Whetstone”…

So, Doss had gone to Leicestershire instead of Northamptonshire!

At this point he was further away from Overstone than when he started in Southam! Map attached in the Gallery to show his extended road trip in all it’s glory.

Tee-times had to be re-arranged, but Doss did eventually make it to the correct “Stones” golf course and actually played reasonably well , coming 4th with 34 points.

Needless to say, the jokes just kept on coming. My favourite was from Pete C, who wondered if Doss would eventually stand on the first tee at Overstone , refer to his watch for the distance to the green and find that it was reporting a lengthy 30 miles!

Back to the competition, congratulations to Tim S who came first with 37 points on his “favourite” golf course.