A thoroughly enjoyable weekend away at Greetham Valley. My first visit there, but the society last came 10 years ago and I think it won’t be long before we go back. Two great courses, good hotel, friendly staff and good food.

The weekend didn’t start smoothly for Martin though. After reminding everyone of the new dress code for dinner, he promptly forgot to pack his shirt and trousers. (Well, I guess we know who wears the trousers in his family  – Ed).

Tony kindly bought Martin a replacement skirt, which he dutifully wore on the night and on the first tee on the Sunday!

On to other highlights. I narrowly missed getting killed by Julie on the 18th hole. We were stood up the bank watching the next group approach the Par 3, when I told Steve C to move further up the bank with the rest of us to “safety”. Little did I know that Julie had decided to select her driver for the 110 yard hole. We were completely unsighted with a tree in the way. So, the first thing we knew was a ball bouncing in front and coming past my ear.

On Sunday, the traditional “Sunny Sunday” was given a break in favour of everyone wearing their new White NGS Shirts. It was a great sight to see.

On Monday, the shirt choice was back to the individual. Some had decided to buy extra colours of the NGS Shirt. I bought a conservative Black, whilst David C and Lee went for fluorescent colours. I think Lee regretted the choice by the end of the round, as he had made a lot of new bug friends, many of which were setting up home inside his shirt.

On to the golf itself. Congratulations to Roger N for winning the warm-up day with an impressive 39 points. Tony won the Sunday with 38 points and Tyrone won the Monday with 35 points. 

The overall winner of the combined Saturday and Sunday rounds was Tony.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.