A word from our new Captain for 2015 – David Board …

On behalf of the committee, I would like to welcome you to the 2015 Season of the Napton Golf Society.

I want to thank last year’s captain Andy “Doss” Beck, and congratulate him on the £2750 he raised for his charity.

My chosen charity for this year is MacMillan Nurses.
This is because they took very good care of my dad and this gives me a way to say thank you.

Looking to the playing year ahead, the committee has tried to create the right balance between old and new courses.
We will be returning to popular courses such as Tadmarton and introducing new ones such as Wychwood, Kettering and Bromsgrove.

As always, we are trying to find the best combination of interesting courses and value for money.
When you look at the headline price for an outing and think “I could do better”, please remember what you are paying for.
Included in the price is the Coffee and Bacon Roll, the Round of Golf, the Hot Meal afterwards and the cost of trophies, competitions, charity donations and weekend away subsidies.
The society books 12 months ahead.
This allows members to plan what events they will attend, but it does weaken our negotiation position.
We could be cheaper, but the result would be a chaotic fixtures list that evolves a month at a time.
I personally don’t want to see that happen.
And, if I’m going to take a day off work to play golf, I want to plan well ahead and go to a decent course.
Right, rant over!
I very much hope you all enjoy the year ahead.